You went through a lot of stress financing the development of your property. Do you want to continue stressing to fill it up,
collect the rents, handle the tenants etc.? I DOUBT SO.

Being a property owner/landlord entails a lot of hard work. Hard work that comes come with stress and headaches. Some of the numerous problems property owners face include: screening for reliable tenants, following up legal and tax procedures, Accounting and financial management, collecting rents, doing maintenance and repairs to name a few.

To reduce this stress on the part of the property owner, it is always good to contract the services of a professional property management company. Luckily, we have the best solution for you. The Property Management by Genie Capital is one of its kind in Fako. Here is how we are going to ensure you get the maximum revenue from your property

Make maximum profit from your real estate investment

1. Property assessment

At the beginning of any engagement with a Property Owner, we carry out a thorough assessment of the property, its operations, economic and financial status. After the assessment, we present a report containing the status of the property and our recommendations on improvements. We also carry out periodic assessments after every 2 years for all properties under our management.

2. Property setup

Once we are engaged with a Property Owner, we take the next step of Setting Up the Property for Professional Management by Genie Capital

3. Vacancy advertisement

We use both modern and traditional media to attract a very large pool of potential tenants from which we get the best. Everything else being equal, a vacant unit should not go for more than 30 days.

4. Tenant screening

We have developed a proprietary model for screening all potential tenants that apply for units in the properties we manage. We believe the right tenant significantly reduces wear and tear, operational costs and risks, thereby increasing the value of the property in the long term.

5. Tenancy management

From the signing of the Tenancy Agreement to collecting payments, coordinating all incidental services, repairs and maintenance to terminating the Tenancy Agreement and preparing the Unit for the next Tenant. Genie Capital manages all these, the Property Owner has nothing to worry about.

6. Bills management

Utility bills tend to be a big problem with many apartment complexes and hostels. With Genie Capital, such problems are resolved almost immediately when a property comes under our management.

7. Management of repairs & maintenance

We work with a core of technicians that handle repairs and maintenance for all properties under our management. Such arrangement ensures we deliver the best value to our clients at affordable costs.

8. Managing 3rd Party Suppliers

We coordinate all external services like Cable, Cleaning, Handy Services needed for the proper functioning of the property. We ensure that our coordination earns discounts that are transferred to the property owners, significantly reducing costs and hence expanding the margins.

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Why Genie Capital?


We have a strong portfolio and property management experience. We currently manage a portfolio of properties worth over 500 million F CFA in Buea.


Genie Capital has carried out research and provided reports on e-commerce in Cameroon, agricultural value chain in Cameroon, taxi business in Cameroon and many more.


Genie Capital has mediated investments into 3 projects from more than a dozen individual investors and coordinated the establishment and operation of 2 Investment Funds.


Genie Capital provides its management expertise to individuals and companies. Clients who have benefited from such expertise include Technical Shop in Buea, Caasitech Group in Yaounde etc.

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