What makes a house expensive?

What makes a house expensive?

The value of a house naturally increases. But some houses will definitely be more expensive than others. 

Here is a shortlist of things that will make a house more expensive than others


People want something that is close to the road so that they don't have to walk too far, under the rain/sun or risk it during late-night outings. 


Water is a very essential part of a house. If you see a house with constant water flow, it's either because they are using a borehole, have a water reservoir or have a direct water line from the water company. Hence, the price of the house is higher than normal. 


Security is very important. Once a house is located in a well-secured area, is fenced and may be located in a prestigious neighbourhood,... the price of the house is definitely going to be higher.


Who doesn't like space? Are the rooms large enough? Are the bathroom(s) and kitchen large enough? Does the room have a wardrobe? What about the kitchen, does it have cupboards? Going out of the house, does the compound have enough space outside for the children to play? ... The questions about space and beauty continue. A yes to each of these questions goes a long way to make the house more desirable, and consequently more expensive...

This is just a brief of the things that make a house expensive. 

So dear landlords and landladies currently constructing and those intending to construct houses, take these tips into consideration when designing and building your personal and commercial homes. 


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