Water availability in the BIAKA neighborhood

Water availability in the BIAKA neighborhood

It has been a noticeable phenomenon, for some major streets and quarters in the Buea municipality, to go for days or even weeks with little or no water for domestic use. Most of these areas often occupied by students, suffer shortages in water supply and availability thus altering their days activity and making living conditions unbearable. 

Despite the odds, there are prestigious neighborhoods blessed with abundant and constant water supply. Amongst which is the Biaka institute neighborhood which has been classified as one of the finest vicinity with fabulous water views and availability. Water bodies such as springs and flowing rivers, serve as the main source of water to this area. Most of these water bodies discovered by farmers who used to use this locality for agricultural and settlement purposes, explored these natural resources for their various benefits such as watering crops, construction of fabulous houses, and going about domestic chores with little or no fear of water shortage. This potable water attracted most land owners and potential house owners who sort to construct beautiful houses in a gifted area, where ever flowing water is the order of the day.

Also, the Biaka community is blessed with abundant water so much so that, most compounds and houses have constant potable water at their disposal, for the smooth run of daily activities. Daily routines such as cleaning, cooking, laundry and even flushing of toilets are done efficiently, with no fear of altering your day’s schedule, going late to work, class or even meeting appointments. The inhabitants of Biaka and its environs have available community taps, also known as public taps with constant purified water, to indiscriminately meet up with the water needs and demands of the growing population.

Are you a nursing mother who can’t wash your baby’s clothes daily, or that student who will always have to stay home and miss classes, because you are waiting for the tap to flow so you fill water jugs? Or are you that worker who isn’t efficient and productive at the office, because you live in a neighborhood with limited water availability, better still are you that person interested in agriculture, but can’t grow crops or  be very productive because of inadequate water supply to water your crops and keep them fresh and healthy? And finally are you that person who has been looking for a house with potable water located in a neighborhood with constant water flow?

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Article written by NKEMNGONG E. MARY.