Get paid by renting your room to GCE Markers, 2020 session

Get paid by renting your room to GCE Markers, 2020 session

CLICK here to rent out your room to GCE markers

Rent out your room to GCE markers for just a while and earn some cool cash. The 2020 Cameroon General Certificate of Education Examination (GCE) has come again and visiting GCE markers are already in search of accommodation, while they stay in Buea for the short marking session.

CLICK here to rent out your room to GCE markers

Because of stress (looking for a comfortable and secure place to stay) that GCE markers always face during marking seasons, we at Digital Renter have developed a concern for these GCE markers and are ones more standing in as facilitators. We've decided to come up with a standardized approach, letting students and households temporarily give out part/all their rooms to visiting markers while getting paid. You can be a part of this cash winning process by just renting your room. Now the big question is…

Who can rent a room?

  • Students: As a student, you can offer your room to be used by GCE markers for just a short while about 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the occupying marker’s marking schedule and get paid for that.
  • Parents: Hey mommies and daddies! Have the kids gone on holidays and their rooms are being covered by cobweb? We are here with a wonderful idea. Why don’t you rent it out to GCE markers and raise some cash from where you least expected? Sounds intriguing right?
  • Hotel and guest house owners/managers: Yes, sir and ma’am. We are here to help link you up with visiting GCE markers seeking for accommodation. Trust us on this, this would make the task quite easy for all. 

And again, even if you do not fall under any of the aforementioned categories but have a comfortable room to let, you are still very much welcomed.

N:B: You should have full rights over the room you are offering for rents.

Talking about comfort, I know another question that comes to your mind is… What kind of room can I offer for rent? Is my room cool enough for this? Quite simple! Since our goal is to make GCE marker feel at home away from home, the standards (home) needed are;

Standards for rooms needed.

  • The room should be furnished with at least bed, mattress, pillow and sheets.
  • The room should have constant water flow or a container(s) for storing water.
  • The room should have a bathroom; internal or external.
  • A kitchen with or without gas and some kitchen utensils.
  • And finally, have good pictures and live video of your space/room.

Using our mobile app , you can upload/list your room following the specification shown on the video below. This year, most verification is going to be done remotely to promote social distance hence we will need you to take a 1-2 minutes live video of your room and good pictures which will be used to verify and validate your room for the campaign. 

How do I list my room to be seen by markers?

Are you interested? Of course, who wouldn’t? Quick! Here is how to go!

  1. Download the Digital Renter Android app on PlayStore.
  2. Create a free account. Ensure you provide real details(name, phone number, email, ...) so markers can easily contact you).
  3. On the home page, click on the plus bell icon and select Advertise a property and you will be presented with the form. 
  4. Fill the form with the right information.
    • Add the hashtag #RentMyRoom in your description so that your room can be listed on the campaign.
    • Ensure you talk about the location of the house, water condition, what utilities does your room provide, hostel name, quarter, distance from the road...  when describing your room
    • Take good quality pictures of the house
    • Take a live video of the room; this video will be used to validate your room for the campaign

Nice to have; you can go to your profile (profile tab), click on Edit Account button to add your profile picture and update your WhatsApp contact.

Facts about 2019 #RentMyRoom campaign.

Just in case you may want to know;

  • 90+ students requested to submit their rooms.
  • 32 rooms were submitted, verified, approved and listed.
  • More than 50 markers made contacts us requesting for rooms.
  • Hosts (students) made a total of over 500k+ renting their rooms out.


For any further inquiries, questions or worries, feel free to call, text or send us a WhatsApp message via +237 650 919 066 or write us an email on and we will be very ready to attend to your needs

#RentMyRoom campaign, providing a home away from home for GCE markers and building a better community


PS: Are you a GCE Marker, download the Digital Renter Android App to find and connect with various students and make your choice on the room you want. 


Article compiled by Tibi Chelsea

Updated by Fongoh Martin