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Digital Renter to host the first ever edition of the Buea Realtors Conference

Digital Renter to host the first ever edition of the Buea Realtors Conference

The town/city of Buea, is one of the fastest growing towns in Cameroon, in terms of population, infrastructural development and of course, technology. With a staggering population of about 47,300  inhabitants in 2020 (according to worldpopulationreports), she has seen a considerable expansion over the last few years. 

Given that people are constantly moving, being within the same town, out of town or out of a region, there is one thing that cannot be escaped- “The stress of relocation”. This is where most people face their worst nightmare - dealing with moving from one house to another/ relocating to a new town completely is a very stressful process. It involves parking, cleaning, getting a transporter not to forget one of the very important aspects, finding a vacant house in the new location. The search for a house comes with its own issues, this is where realtors come in. 

This group of individuals serves as a liaison between property owners (landlords, caretakers) and potential clients/tenants. With the apparent rise in population numbers, comes a concordant increase in the number of requests for houses and such properties, hence a larger number of real estate agents/agencies flooding the market. As a result, there is a wider disparity in modes of operation, pricing plans and so on. Realtors have, however, learnt to call on (collaborate with) their fellow realtors to be able to meet up with the numerous requests for houses (apartment, rooms, studios, …) to let.

In spite of these attempts at collaboration, realtors still face some major challenges, among which includes: the lack of a harmonised plan to effectively work together and maximise potentials; and the lack of some guiding rules and code of conduct for effective activities in the town of Buea and its environs. 

It is from this need that Digital Renter and the other realtors came up with the idea of the BUEA REALTORS CONFERENCE, the first-ever realtors conference for real estate agents/agencies in Buea. 

The main aim of this long-anticipated conference is to promote and harmonise the activities of real estate agents/agencies in Buea and its environs. During this conference, some of the topics to be covered include: 

  • Identification of all realtors in the community
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Pricing and Service charge
  • Best practices (Code of Conduct)
  • Legal aspects and documentation
  • Effective use of technology to promote real estate
  • Protecting realtors from unscrupulous clients
  • Protecting clients from unscrupulous realtors
  • Identification and Branding
  • And many more

The conference is scheduled to take place on March 13th 2021, from 10am to 3pm, at the Digital Renter Headquarters (First Trust Building, Great Soppo, Opposite OIC food market). In attendance, will be several leading realtors in Buea such as Digital Renter, Brillian and Co Real Estate, Mungenow Properties, Legacy Housing and Real Estate, Property237, Kamac Kanjo real Estate, Property Trust, Karetaker&Co Services, Clean Guy Services, and a host of others. 

The Buea Realtors Conference is open to all existing and aspiring realtors in Buea and its environs. At the end of this conference, we hope to attain a harmonised plan to effectively work together, thereby curbing the proliferation of diverse modes of operation amongst realtors in Buea. 

Are you a realtor operating in the town/city of Buea? Have you been looking for reliable partners with whom you can work with? What are you waiting for? Join the wave of change now! Register and secure your spot at this outstanding event! Registration is currently going on. Click on this link to secure your spot at the 2021 Buea Realtors Conference.



Article compiled by Lekunze Nancy