Conversation between a real estate agent and a regular client goes like

Conversation between a real estate agent and a regular client goes like

🥸 Client: Hi, I want an apartment.

🧢 You: Hello, thank you for contacting ABC REAL ESTATE. Which location will you need a house, please? 


🥸 Client: Give me what you have Nah.

🧢 You: Hmm, wahala don start oh, ei go tay? You go to the gallery, spend 2 mins looking for pics and forward to the client


🥸 Client: How much, please?

🧢 You: 50k x 10 months


🥸 Client: Does it have a wardrobe? 

🧢 You: Already getting angry because the pictures clearly shows it, but decide to keep your calm and say yes, it does


🥸 Client: Ohkay, do you have any other options? 

🧢 You: Now, almost angry but have to keep calm. Thinking of all going back to the gallery and old messages to find other options


This process will take you at least 25 minutes per client


Now, imagine maintaining 6 of such clients every day. We have to remember each house, the associated pictures, price, deposit, etc... Sometimes, we may even mistake the pictures and price and contacts

Seeing this as one of the major problems real estate agents face, that's why we created Digital Renter. With Digital Renter, you can post your vacant properties with all the information that a client will need. It is well organized such that clients can search and filter by price, city, quarter, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

You don't need to go through the boring, repetitive and strenuous process of forwarding pictures to every single client

Just post the property once and you can share the link with all your clients who are interested in the property. They see it, either contact you directly through the app, calls or on WhatsApp. Your property remains there as long as you want it till it's taken and you mark it done

Today exclusively, we are giving you the unique opportunity to get the 10k premium plan for just 5k, i.e, 50% off so you can test and see the wonders the platform can do to ease your work and bring you more deals in a month. 

How to benefit? 

  1. Download the app on PlayStore / AppStore []
  2. Create your account and verify your phone number
  3. Go to your profile, click upgrade, select Premium and insert the coupon code DRTEST50.
  4. Complete the checkout through MTN Momo / Orange Momo, boom, you are good to go. 

You can now post as many properties as possible, share the links with your clients and connect to thousands of prospective tenants and buyers both in Cameroon and in the Diaspora. 

NOTE: There is a limited number of persons that can redeem this code, so hurry now

If you have any worries, questions, feel free to chat up our CEO directly on WhatsApp through +237679574561


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