6 ways amazing ways to enjoy valentines day on a low budget

6 ways amazing ways to enjoy valentines day on a low budget

Valentine's day is a special day in which people express their affection for their loved ones in several ways. Some prefer sending out flowers or chocolates with messages of love, while others go on vacation and have many more nice and fancy ideas. Take your curiosity out for a ride and discover your loved one's unexplored sides. Showering love and spending quality time together with your loved one is one of the greatest gifts of all time but then, its usually perceived to be a financially demanding activity. Imagine showering love on your loved one on a low budget. Amazing right? We got you. Below are some interesting ways and things you can do to enjoy your valentine's day on a low budget.

Give your partner a valentines day treat.

Go ahead and plan a wonderful day with a loved one, what could be better than taking a day off to have fun,  Sacrifice, and take a day to show how much your partner is important to you? what is certain is that you will be spoiled for a choice when it comes to places to get a treat it could be a hotel or a resort.

A romantic dinner

A good idea is to eat out, It is to free each other, free from the responsibility of cooking and washing dishes, and treat yourselves to a night out at one of your town's restaurants or bars.  You could better still surprise them with their favorite meal! You can never go wrong trust me, make sure to put your phones on airplane mode or better still switch them off so you both don't get distracted while having your good time.

Do you speak the same love language?

Words of affirmation, Quality time, Gifts, Acts of physical touch, and Services are all types of love languages between you and your partner, and having a knowledge of your partner's love language can give you a lot of priceless tips on how to maximize his or her experience of your love as well as save you from misunderstandings.

Eye contact is the real deal.

As we all know ''The eyes are the mirror of the soul''.But did you know 4 minutes of eye contact is enough for your hormones to pop up? Haha, I guess right. With longer periods of eye contact, you both experience a stronger bond with each other! Doesn't that sound splendid? Let this be our target on the 14.

Get a spa treat [the ultimate luxury].

Going to a spa together will always sound relaxing or stress-free encounter. Nothing could be more romantic than having a calm Bubble bath, or Body massage. Taking care of each other is far away from the distractions of everyday life.                  

Asking each other intriguing questions.

A heart-to-heart conversation is said to create both magic and Love between two Lovers. Spice and light up your relationship by opening up an exciting conversation and getting to know each other better. We guarantee a conversation that will open up for mutual vulnerability and intimacy regardless.


Warm wishes and hope your day is filled with happy moments that become Memories.

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